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Grooming Philosophy

Regular bathing and grooming is vital for the health of your pet’s skin and coat. The goal of our grooming is to maintain a positive and low stress environment so your pet can enjoy the grooming process and receive a professional, quality groom.

As part of our low stress philosophy, grooming is done by one-on-one appointments. During your dog’s groom, your dog is our sole focus, and will not have to wait in a kennel while other pets are worked on. Dogs from the same family are welcome to stay together throughout their visit so they are more at ease.

We put your dog’s safety and comfort first throughout the grooming process.

Grooming Services

Professional Groom/Haircut:
Not offered at this time.

Standard Professional Bath:
This service begins with a shampoo and massage to remove dirt and oil. Anal glands are checked and a conditioning treatment is applied to the coat to balance moisture, then your dog is hand dried and thoroughly brushed.

DeShed Bath with FURminator®:
For dogs who need extra care for their coats to reduce shedding. Uses FURminator® shampoo, FURminator deShedding™ solution and brushing with FURminator® Tool.

Nail Trim:
Both clipping and grinding options are available.

Ear Cleaning:
Reduces build-up to help prevent infections and odor.

Pricing is by breed and can vary depending on your individual dog and the condition of his coat.