How We Roll.


Pick-Up/Drop-Off Hours: Office hours are Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm, Saturday: 8am-12noon, Sunday: 4pm-7pm. We appreciate your help in honoring our office hours. While we are fully staffed outside of those hours, we have found that we can spend more quality time entertaining our canine guests if we can limit our time in the office waiting for pick ups and drop offs.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy: Holidays and weekends fill quickly. Please call well in advance to make your reservation. We will be closed for pick ups and drop offs on all major holidays, but are fully staffed at all times to attend to your pet’s needs. Please arrange accordingly. While we do not penalize guests for cancellations or changes to reservations, we respectfully request a 72-hour courtesy cancellation so we can fill your spot with someone from our waiting list.

Vaccinations: To ensure the health and safety of all our guests at Hidden Acres Pet Resort, proof of inoculations for Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella must be provided prior to boarding. Pet’s vaccinations must be given according to each vet’s protocol. A safe timeframe of two weeks prior is preferred, but we will defer to vet’s recommendation based on their first-hand knowledge of their specific administration/manufacturer guidelines.

Tours: While we are happy to show off our facility and services, for the safety and well-being of our guests, we limit our tours to appointment only. We like to spend the appropriate time with you and have found that directing you to a time where we don’t have a lot of people coming and going is more beneficial to you, our current clients, and our canine guests.

Feeding: Hidden Acres proudly feeds Purina ProPlan premium dog food at no expense to the owner or, if you choose, you may bring your own food. If bringing your own food, be sure to pack just enough for the entire stay. It is our normal protocol to feed multiple dog families sharing the same suite separately so each dog gets their own rations.

Personal Belongings: Toys, blankets, beds, etc. are all welcomed to make your dog’s lodging experience as close to home as possible. Please label everything that comes with your dog. We ask that all bedding is clean. We do recommend that all toys and chews are fairly sizable so they do not slip under the suite door while they are playing with them. It can be frustrating for dogs and we want to keep those tails wagging at all times! The gap under the door is 1.5”, so anything wider is encouraged. For the dog’s safety, we also prefer that chews are inedible. We do reserve the right to remove anything that seems harmful to the dogs at any time. Hidden Acres is not responsible for any damages that might occur to the belongings during their stay.

Behavior and Health: For the safety of our guests and staff, all dogs will be evaluated upon check-in to ensure that their temperament and health meets the standards of our facility. While this is highly unlikely, Hidden Acres reserves the right to turn away or request that the dog owner come pick up their dog should we feel their behavior or health is not up to our standards or expectations. Please communicate any personality concerns prior to bringing your dog. We always do our best to accommodate all personalities here, but we can do it more successfully if we are aware of any potential issues prior to lodging.

Emergency Care: In the event of injury or illness, Hidden Acres will attempt to contact the dog owner directly to discuss the situation and the best course of action. If the owner can not be directly contacted our next step is to contact the emergency contact given in your paperwork. If no contact can be made with either the dog’s owner or the emergency contact person, it will be our decision to move forward with what we feel is the most appropriate action. We will always do our best to contact and work directly with your personal vet, however, in the event of an emergency we do feel time is of the essence and will work with a nearby veterinarian. Dog owners are responsible for any expenses incurred during the course of treatment.