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Grooming Philosophy

Regular grooming is vital for the health of your pet's skin and coat. The goal of our grooming is to maintain a positive and low stress environment so your pet can enjoy the grooming process and receive a professional, quality groom. 

Our groomer Sally is caring and patient, and uses a gentle touch and calm demeanor to put the pets at ease. She has groomed professionally full time for the past ten years, and has experience with pets of all shapes and sizes. The dogs lover her, and owners of elderly and special needs dogs find their pets do much better with Sally's unique approach. 

As part of our low stress philosophy, grooming is done by one-on-one appointments. During your dog's groom, your dog is Sally's sole focus, and will not have to wait in a kennel while other pets are worked on. Dogs from the same family are welcome to stay together throughout their visit so they are more at ease. 

We put your dog's safety and comfort first throughout the grooming process. Sally is certified by the AKC in Grooming Safety and Sanitation, and she is committed to providing the safest possible experience for your pet. 

Grooming Services 

Professional Bath: 
This service begins with a clarifying shampoo and massage to remove dirt and oil, then a second bath with a therapeutic shampoo (soothing, brightening, etc) to get the coat in top quality. Anal glands are checked and a conditioning treatment is applied to the coat to balance moisture, then your dog is hand dried and thoroughly brushed. Nails are clipped and filed, ears cleaned, and if needed, the face, feet, and sanitary areas are trimmed. Cologne and a bow or bandana finish the groom. 

Bath and Tidy: 
Popular with Golden Retrievers, Collies, Pomeranians, and other breeds where a natural look is the goal, but some additional shaping and trimming is needed. This service includes everything involved with the Professional Bath, plus an 'outline trim' to create a tidy shape. The ears, chest, belly, rear, legs, and tail are trimmed to clean up edges and keep hair manageable. This can be anything from a light neatening to a heavy cleanup with a tight finish. 

Full Groom: 
Shih Tzus, Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, and other dogs with hair need full cuts to keep their coats maintained. This service includes everything involved with the Professional Bath, plus a full body haircut. Style options include breed-specific grooms, low maintenance shaves, fluffy hand scissored cuts, and more. Sally will discuss options with you and help you decide the best look for your dog.

Pricing is by breed and can vary depending on your individual dog and the condition of his coat. Multi-pet families receive a 5% discount.