Breeding Page

Excellence: Here at Hidden Acres Retrievers, we are passionate about true excellence in dogs. When we say ‘excellence’, that goes well beyond what a dog looks like on paper. Producing a nice pedigree is only a small piece of what makes an excellent companion. What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge and relationship with the lines that we breed. Since we have on-going relationships with many of the puppies and started dogs we have produced (through lodging and/or training), we offer the benefit of knowing first-hand what kinds of traits and personalities our lines possess. We then do our best to custom match the companion to the owner and the owner to the companion.

Versatility: We believe that a quality hunting dog should first and foremost be a family dog. Our lines possess a disposition that blends the perfect amount of drive and desire out in the field with just the right amount of tenderness that you should expect from a well-rounded family companion. In our opinion, skimping on either trait is selling yourself short for what true pet companionship can be.

Knowledge: Because we provide obedience and gun dog training on-site, we are always here as a resource for you and your new companion. We welcome your questions and would love to stay in touch with you and your new pet.